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Detailing vs. Tunnel Washes
Attack of the Machines – Why Automatic Car washes are Bad for Your Paint
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Stuff Happens

There are many reasons to detail a vehicle, but not all of them are purely cosmetic. Proper detailing improves and maintains the health of your car in much the same way as changing the oil and/or spark plugs. While detailing takes a bit of effort, the benefits to reliability, safety and beauty are all worthwhile.

Bird Droppings

Bird droppings are acidic and may cause damage to your paint. The longer the mess remains the more damage it can cause. The main reason bird droppings can cause damage is from cooling paint lacquer which contracts and hardens around the deposits.

Detailing vs. Tunnel Washes

A car is one of the biggest investments we will make.  Keeping your car clean, inside and out is an essential part of its preventive maintenance.  Some people think that taking their car to a car wash every week is the same as having it professionally cleaned.  That is not exactly true. 

If you want mechanized brushes, clothes detergent and water hitting your car’s paint with a force, that is what you will get with the “tunnel” type car washes.  If there are employees present to dry your car after it comes out of the tunnel, you may think this is a professional detailing of your car.

Attack of the Machines – Why Automatic Car washes are Bad for Your Paint

Automatic drive through carwashes have become more popular than ever because they save time and seem virtually hassle free.  But are they safe for your car? 

Automatic Car Wash with Abrasive Brushes

Some automatic car washes still use abrasive brushes.  These are known as the swirl-o-matics.  The dirt from all of the previous vehicles gets applied to your car, at a high rate of speed.  These brushes can leave tiny scratches in the paint. Avoid these at all costs.

Soft Cloth Automatic Car Wash

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Dr. Auto Spa is proud to announce that we are now partnered with Angie's list for the SW Virginia (Roanoke, Salem, Troutville, Botetourt, Radford, Lynchburg, Bedford, Smith Mountain Lake, etc.) areas. If a previous customer has experienced one of our services, simply fill out a very short survey and exchange your friendly feedback for 5%off your next service.

Locally owned and operated, Dr. Auto Spa has proudly served the Roanoke Valley and surrounding areas since 2005!!!   

Interior Automotive Detailing

Cleaning the interior of your vehicle is an important part of preventive maintenance. Many people don't like to ride in a trash packed, food stashed, pet stained, or smelly vehicle. Not only does a dirty interior look bad but it can contribute to operational issues as well.

  • Dirty air vents can spread allergens 
  • Film covered mirrors and windows obscures the driver's view of the road
  • Grime filled buttons or switches will eventually causes them to fail

Interior detailing goes beyond picking up old smelly fast food wrappers.

RV and Boat Detailing Services

Restore and protect your boat or RV with one of DrAutoSpa's popular detailing services.  We offer the finest detailing service with the added convenience of mobile personnel that will come to your home or any other place todetail your Boat or RV

How it works:

  1. Call us and we'll book an appointment. 540.312.7884
  2. Free Estimates Provided.
  3. We come to your boat or RV.
  4. We provide our own water, power, and tools.
  5. We make it simple, affordable and convenient.

Exterior Services include: hand wash and dry, windows cleaned, bug and tar removal, wheel, tires and tire wells cleaned and dressed, paint conditioned for oxidation and imperfection removal, and paint sealed with commercial grade paint sealant!

Tired of Waiting in Car Wash Lines?

It seems like most people think to wash their vehicles on the same day at the same time. Lately, the car wash lines always seem long. Running your car through the wash on a Friday during lunch break is no longer a convenient option. There are many times people wait as long as twenty minutes at a quality car wash and many leave out of frustration.

Why drive, drop off or wait? Wasting a whole day trying to get your car detailed? We do things smarter! We provide mobile service and detail at your home or office at no additional charge!

What is Glass Coating?

Glass Coating is a top level paint conditioning and coating that provides 2+ years of protection. It protects painted surfaces of the vehicle from damaging UV light, acid rain, and prevents the adhesion of dirt, industrial fallout, contaminants, bird droppings, and bug particles. 

Value and beauty is maintained because the paint is not degraded by UV light. Paint itself is soft and has a few microns of unevenness; dirt, road tar, contaminants, and industrial fallout adhere to the paint easily.

Finally, the Truth About Selling Your Dirty Vehicle

If you are looking to sell or trade in your vehicle, then having it detailed is an easy way to get more money for it. A detail can also help the vehicle sell faster. Consistently detailing your vehicle is always best to help you maintain the value of the interior and exterior but this is not the average car owners mentality. So, when you need to sell a car fast, a quality detail is absolutely necessary.

A clean car is not just perception. It gives buyers a clue to how you cared for it. It is very common for clean car owners to also have a clean maintenance record.

Effortless Fleet Detailing

It is important to keep your company vehicles clean and maintained in order to extend the life of your fleet.  Finding the time to keep a fleet clean can be difficult and the expertise or manpower to detail them regularly can be expensive. 

Managing a fleet service is tough enough without having to worry about the time, labor and tools needed to keep them clean. We realize that regardless of what line of business you are in, keeping your company vehicles looking awesome has a major effect how your clients see your business.