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Why Should your car be professionally detailed?            

  • Today's new car pricing isn't cheap and as such, most of us tend to keep our cars for an average of 7-10 years.  
  • From the Sun's ultraviolet rays to air pollution and other environmental contaminants, Auto paint is subjected to extremely rough and damaging conditions these days!  
  • 9 out of 10 car owners surveyed say they drink coffee or eat snacks regularly in their cars. 

Remember the day you first took possession of your new car? Admiring that "showroom" shine!   Hmm, and that 'new car' smell! It just feels so good driving a nice and clean car! 

Professionally trained and certified detailers understand exactly how you feel and know precisely how to bring back that 'Love struck' feeling!  At DrAutoSpa, we love what we do!  Your car will always be treated as good or even better then we treat our own cars! Our certified detailing technicians know just the right prescription to help you keep your vehicle healthy, protected, germ-free and valuable!

Did you know the cleanliness of steering wheels can actually be worse than public toilet seats?  

According to Cleaning & Maintenance Management online, the typical car steering wheel can harbor as much as nine times more germs and bacteria than a public toilet seat.

The study revealed that Bacillus Cereus -- bacteria that can cause food poisoning -- is most commonly found in cars. The story claimed researchers found that a toilet can harbor up to 80 bacteria per square inch, while nearly 700 harmful germs can be found in the interior of a car.   

Ugh!  This information is a bit disturbing, isn't it?!  The good news is. . . There’s a solution, and it all begins when you contact Dr. Auto Spa
Everyday sunlight and heat can be harmful to your paint, causing oxidation and fading from ultra violet rays. 

Road tar, salt and other highway chemicals, bird droppings, acid rain and even tree sap can all leave a negative and damaging impact.  

Regularly scheduled washes and waxes are the keys to saving the life of your vehicle's exterior.

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Why choose Dr. Auto Spa?       

  • DrAutoSpa uses only the finest quality products and equipment to make your vehicle look it's finest! 
  • All of our Detailing Specialists are trained to provide complete and thorough cleaning, as well as careful treatment of your vehicle and the surrounding property! 
  • Our services are Convenient – We can even come To You!      
  • Our services are Affordable and competitively priced!  
  • DrAutoSpa maintains an excellent Five-Star Review Rating!